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The common sense of chronic disease (CD)

The main cause of chronic diseases take long term unhealthy eating habits and living habits to spoil our body. Nothing significant negative effect can be observed in the first ten or thirty years, depending on the age of each individual to start those unhealthy habits. A stronger inherent body or a weaker one also affect when the diseases to emerge at different ages. But through time, different negative factors accumulate to an extent when one can no longer maintain the internal balance of the body, chronic diseases begin to show on the surface.

Once the CD starts to endanger our health, if one chooses western medical treatment, one has to take daily medicine(s) until death. This is for control the relevant CD only, if stop taking the medicine, the relevant sickness would be getting worse. (For example, the most common CD including high Lipids, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and abnormally high blood sugar level).

We all understand that all medicines has their own negative side effects. It is just a matter of time when the side effect begins to hurt your organs/body. Therefore, common observation and surveys tell us that CD patients require to take from one medicine to more medicines as time goes by, and the body becomes weaker due to the side effect of the medicines.

When choosing Chinese treatment, they used to try to control and stabilize the sickness first, and then take steps to help support the damaged organs. And then try to adjust the relevant internal conditions, when successfully, the organ becomes stronger and finally healed. Just like what the Yellow Emperor Medical Book said, serious illness healing process bit by bit, the patient can only be recovered by a gradual recovery process.

These are the basic different theories between Chinese and Western treatments. Western clinics treat directly the part where you feel not comfortable, take medicine against it, if not successful, take surgery to remove the bad organ. Chinese way would like trying to adjust our qi and blood, once the blocked can get through again, the sickness is solved.

Therefore, one may says that, healthy veins artery and capillary of the body represents the healthy level of the master.

Your attention is drawn that, no matter how advance the surgery skill is, we are not able to predict when the capillary may be blocked. Advance surgery also may not able to fix our very small blood vessels. Otherwise, those super rich people with the best private doctors and regular body checks would never suffered from sudden strokes and heart diseases.

Therefore, for the product which can help you to maintain your blood vessels, clean your blood, lower the danger of blocking in your blood vessels, and with no side effect, wouldn't it be more worthy for you to consider as an investment for your body's health?