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PRC official acceptance
to octacosanol and its usage standards

According to the Food Safety Act announced by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC on 2017, the relevant Committee has reviewed and passed Octacosanol extract from rice bran on the list of approved safety food ingredient. As recommended, octacosanol from rice bran should not be intake more than 300 mg per day.

While the Safety and Toxicity Appraisal Test focusing on the whole vigorHealth formula with octacosanol i.e. the LD50 test has proven that the maximum safety limit would be larger than 2.5g/ (which is equivalent to 300 capsules per day). Note: each capsule of vigorHealth contains 8.2 mg octacosanol.

In PRC, vigorHealth was the first approved octacosanol health product since 2015, this fact speaks for the fact that our knowledge and usage of octacosanol has been practically more advanced than any other health product research institution for at least 12 years.