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Introduction of vigorHealth elements

vigorHealth elements aimed at 2 distinguished functions when first formulated: lower blood lipids and relief fatigue functions. Product main features includes:

  1. vigorHealth elements was the first generationfunctional health food in China undergone stringent human double blind test to confirm all functions as stated.
  2. Invention Patent Certificate was awarded to vigorHealth elements for its functional formula as well as the pioneer in using octacosanol by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (Patent #ZL 200310110776.0).
  3. Most users experienced good recovery results within the first treatment of 1~3 months. Encouraging results were more evidenced when people have done their body check before the commencement of the 3 month's treatment course and then took body check again 3 months after for comparison purposes. (Note A)
  4. In respect of relief fatigue function, in order to strengthen everyone's confidence, the product was sent and passed the tests conducted by the China Doping Control Center of the Olympic Games to confirm that its ingredients do not contain any forbidden stimulants or hormones or any drug/medicine in the product. (Note B)
  5. The unprecedented high purity Octacosanol (>95%)means that it can go through our mucous membranes、bodily fluids、 stomach、intestines directly and absorbed by our body easily. (Note C)
  6. This product has passed the International LD50 standard to confirm that the daily intake amount of 300 capsules equivalent was still proved to be safe. Thus we can be assured of this product is also suitable for long term intake. (Note D)
  7. Compositions of this product has been 100% illustrates on the ingredients fact sheet. This product contains zero Chinese or Western medicinal ingredient, chemical additives, preservatives or pesticides.
  8. Tingau product uses green and natural, traditional Chinese wellbeing theory to achieve the aim of first adjusting then healing. It is the health product that can replace or exceed traditional medication with nil negative side effects. (Note E)


Note A: In our application process, reports confirmed that good health results could be derived from a daily dosage of 2 capsules. However, while in the market, some clients knew that their health conditions were worse than average, so they decided to take 8 capsules per day in order to get faster and enhanced results for a 3 month's treatment. After the 3 months course, most of them went for blood tests and found that their blood lipids level had become lowered or normal. Facts are the most scientific proof.

Note B: Test was carried out at the China Doping Control Centre (the Centre that serves the Olympics games) because Octacosanol was brand new to China when introduced. Passing this test provided adequate evidence that it's relief fatigue function genuinely came from Octacosanol alone and nothing else.

Note C: Unlike pills made of compressed powder which would cause much more work load to our digestive system. Then our liver and spleen has to work very hard on decomposed food trying to process it into our required nutrients. All it means is extra burden on the weak body. Intakes of powder pills but unable to digest completely also caused a lot of cost wastage to the foods supplement you have purchased.

Note D: Passing LD50 Toxicity Test, the international recognized standard for 《Food Safety and Toxic Appraisal Method》, showed that: a) the ingredients passed the acute toxic testing and confirmed as non-toxic class; b) passing this Genotoxicity test confirmed that this product would not lead to any unknown mutation changes; c) when the intake amount was equivalent to 150 times of prescribed dosage, the physiological and biochemical functions of the organs concerned was still normal. Therefore, some people after knowing this safety standard of the product decided to increase their own dosages with the hope for faster adjustment effects.

Note E: The development theory of this product originated from The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon. The supply of missing essentials of the five cereals combined with our formula offers the treatment effect for everyone. Users' bodies and internal glands as a whole would be regulated and nourished to achieve the desired functions.