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Dr. Chow original report

Dr. Raymond Chow Ming Wah

PhD in Medical Cell Biology

Professor in Cell Biology

Expert in Viral Neurology

Postdoc in Immunopathology, Harvard Medical School

Fogarty Visiting Scientist, NCI, NIH

When I got in touch with this product, it was given to know that the product had been invented, tested, approved and produced by GMP factory in PRC. After hearing the systematic presentation, I asked, “Can you supply me with all those testing reports and approval documents for my further study?”

After careful analysis of the relevant documents and more supportive data, my confidence was strengthen, so I started to think how to prove that the product was as good as it was claimed by those reports. Base on my research spirit, the best way was to try it by myself. I decided to take 8 capsules daily for 3 months. Throughout this trial period, good body feel was obtained very quickly, no longer feel tired even after long work hours. Colour of my face turned rosy and looked younger. Three months had passed, I felt more vigor and much better spirit. With my trip to Beijing, I took a Quantum test and it was found that the softness of my artery was much improved to become a young person standard. With my experience, all these could hardly achieved by any known health food or medicine. That is why I keep taking this health product since then, and I keep introduce this good product to my relatives and friends, all with satisfactory results.

Back to the theory side, in the formula of vigorHealth elements, four major compositions are there: (A) Sub-Oleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, (B) Vitamin E , (C) Octacosanol , (D) Maize Germ Oil with its micro-elements and the grow factor associated with it.

Our body cells would not stay healthy without sufficient supply of Sub-Oleic Acid and Linolenic Acid. Sub-Oleic Acid and Linolenic Acid are the essential elements for the body but it cannot be synthesized by our own, it can only be absorbed through our diets, its chemical molecules and structure assists human body to absorb the free ridicules that are massively produced as the result of the oxidation of the body cells. The joint function of Sub-Oleic Acid/Linolenic Acid and Vitamin E, can promote the growth of healthy cells, promote the health of blood vessels, help to decrease LDL level, and result to assist the prevention of heart disease and vascular sclerosis.

Major efficacy of Sub-Oleic Acid to human body manifests in: soften the artery of our brain and heart, lower blood lipids and blood pressure, promote better metabolism and regulate our endocrine. Therefore, Sub-Oleic Acid enjoys the reputation as the “scavenger of the artery”.

Linolenic Acid avails to healthier brain and thus better intelligence. The presence of Linolenic Acid is a key factor to maintain the nerve function of cerebrum, it is worth noticed that about 60% of human brain is constituted by fats, the growth of nerve requires α- Linolenic Acid as raw material, both nerve and neurons requires α- Linolenic Acid to support as energy.

Linolenic Acid is the essential nutrition to enhances our body fitness, it can nourish and beautify our skin. Besides , Linolenic Acid enriched with Vitamin E, would not only good for beauty and facial effect, but also good for our health with anti-aging result.

Linolenic Acid is the basic substance required for cell membrane and enzyme which is critical for human health. α- Linolenic Acid is a must for human health but commonly in shortage, therefore this nutrient should be promptly supplied.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, it can prevent the unsaturated fatty acid inside our body from being oxidized, also helps our body to suffer from thrombus and myocardial infarction, aging symptom, infarction and stroke.

Fatty substance combined with protein inside our body when oxidized, a brownish substance will be formed. When it appears on the surface of the skin, it shows as a brownish spot; if it exists in the artery, it leads to sclerosis; if it exists in the blood, it leads to thrombus, which may cause myocardial infarction easily. When this oxidized fatty substance is found in the brain, the minor effect would cause bad memory, dementia, the drop of exercise ability symptoms etc.;under serious condition, it will cause cerebral infarction, and/or stroke symptoms. All these are the resultant effect of increased oxidized fatty substance inside our body.

All these are caused by the oxidized fatty substance inside our body. The brownish substance, is generally known as the elderly spot on our skin surface; it is Vitamin E that can help to prevent the formation of this elderly brownish spot.

Octacosanol is a saturated straight-chain alcohols containing 28 carbon atoms, high grade fatty alcohol exists in natural form, is the world recognized anti-fatigue functional substance, process strong antitumor effect. Octacosanol generally exists in nature in wax form and can be found in the surface of leaves, stem, fruit of the apple, grapes, wheat and rice. It can also be found in those known merchandises such as beeswax, rice bran wax, sugar cane wax and wax worm etc. Small quantity of octacosanol when applied can already show its active function. Since 1937 and the following decades, foreign researchers extracted octacosanol from the embryo oil of wheat, and learned that it has treatment effect on human reproductive disorder aspect, and proved that it has a very safe Physiological function feature. It safety limit is higher than daily salt, extremely small dosage already shows very active physiological effect, usually a daily dosage of 0.2mg already serves the purpose of fatigue relief; for treatment purpose to increase body strength and endurance, a dosage of 5mg is generally used. But for specific formula and treatment purpose, larger dosage is also used.

Octacosanol is very good in biodegradability in nature, it can easily be absorbed by animals and widely distributed on skin and internal organs, with its functions to improves metabolism rate, lower muscle friction and eliminates muscle pain etc.

From 1949, United States conducted its testing research on 42 mode of sports, those who joined this experience included swimming, wrestling, track and field sportsmen, sports college students, US marine, Navy divers etc. Derived from these experiences had confirmed that the general main physiological function of octacosanol were: (1) enhance and uplift endurance, energetic level, physical strength;(2) increase responsiveness;(3) enhance stress capacity;(4) promote sex hormones, relief muscle pain;(5) improve myocardial function;(6) lower systolic blood pressure;(7) improve metabolism;(8) produced the needed energy in body cells which was 5 times more than glucose.

Octacosanol is rich of longevity factors, it can be applied in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. The cause of osteoporosis includes the lack of estrogen, the poor absorption ability of calcium, Vitamin D activation obstacle etc, and the intake of octacosanol helps to increase calcium in bone, phosphorus content, strengthen the mechanical strength of bone, increase response power, and thus helpful in the prevention and treatment in osteoporosis; octacosanol can also improve high cholesterol and high blood lipoprotein, stimulates sexual human behavior; octacosanol can also promote the blood circulation and activate cells, improve skin condition, diminish inflammation, prevent formation of skin deceases (like beriberi, eczema, itching, acne etc.).

The micro-elements and growth factors of this product serve as a “start engine” to the many internal organs, strengthen their functions, with anti-aging function, to the neurological brain, endocrine, immune lymphoid, cardiovascular digestive system, urinary, musculoskeletal, skin and hair, antioxidant and anticancer systems etc., would all be positively stimulated.

Since the mid of 2009 till now, within these 4 years, I have about 50 friends, relatives and patients who attempted to take this product due to various health reasons. After 3 months, obvious improvement in their different health conditions were observed. All these experiences were based on the dosage of taking twice daily, 4 capsules each time (i.e. a total of 8 capsules per day) , taking 100 days as the first course of treatment. After the first treatment course is completed, one may depend on his/her health condition, different work load and body feel to decide if 2 capsules per day or more is required as a regular health supplement.

All the above content and cases are true statement of mine.


Dr. Raymond Chow Ming Wah, 2013/5/28