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Brief extract of Dr.Chow

Professional comments from Dr. Raymond Chow Ming Wah


PhD in Medical Cell Biology

Professor in Cell Biology

Expert in Viral Neurology

Postdoc in Immunopathology, Harvard Medical School

Fogarty Visiting Scientist, NCI, NIH

After careful analysis of the relevant documents and more supportive data, ........I decided to take 8 capsules daily for 3 months. Throughout this trial period, good body feel was obtained very quickly, no longer feel tired even after long work hours. Colour of my face turned rosy and looked younger.

Three months had passed, I took a test and it wasfound that the softness of my artery was much improved to become a young person standard. With my experience, all these could hardly achieved by any known health food or medicine.

That is why I keep taking this health product since then, and I keep introduce this good product to my relatives and friends, all with satisfactory results.

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Since the mid of 2009 till now (after my retirement from Hong Kong University), within these 4 years, I have about 50 friends, relatives and patients who attempted to take this product due to various health reasons. After 3 months, obvious improvement in their different health conditions were observed. All these experiences were based on the dosage of taking twice daily, 4 capsules each time (i.e. a total of 8 capsules per day) , taking 100 days as the first course of treatment.

All the above content and cases are true statement of mine.


Dr. Raymond Chow Ming Wah, 2013/5/28