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vigorHealth elements is an all-natural, fat soluble health capsule, with its advance research and development concept, it is the first batch of health product in PRC to use Octacosanol as the main ingredient.  Its main points are:

1)      vigorHealth elements is the first product that contains Octacosanol which was granted an Invention Patent Certificate by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China.  (Note A)

2)      From experiments, this product has marked effectiveness in reducing blood lipids, relieving fatigue and many other benefits after taking it.  Octacosanol has no known negative side effects since known for more than 50 years.  Depending on the amount taken, most users experience good benefits to their bodies within 1-3 months.  (Note B)

3)      This product is markedly effective at fighting tiredness.  With the remarkable result achieved, in order to reduce the consumer’s worries, this product has passed tests by the China Doping Control Center of the Olympic Games as to not contain any forbidden stimulants or hormones or any drug/medicine in the product’s composition. (Note C)

4)      Its fat-soluble content allows any users (including the old and frail) to absorb it through the stomach/body fluids with ease (unlike common ingot supplements that increases the burden on the stomach and liver of the intakers).  (Note D)

5)      This product passed the International LD50 standard and proved to be safer than taking daily salt.  (Note E)

6)      This product does not contain any Chinese or Western medicinal ingredient, chemical additives, preservatives or pesticides.  (Note F)

7)      For people facing the problems of modern food supplies: ‘everything is there to eat, but you can’t eat anything’, ‘only eating too much too well’, this product takes the best combination of elements from the five cereals to solve health problems.  Feedback from our users state that the product is beneficial to any users.  Their feedback is the best and yet another scientific proof from actual experience.  (Note G)

8)      The Ceresvita range uses green and natural, traditional Chinese wellbeing theory to achieve the aim of first adjusting then healing.  It is a health product that can replace or exceed medication and doesn’t have any side effects.


Part One: Resolve the Crisis

People take food as the sky (number one priority), longevity takes grains as source.  We emphasize on facts, because facts are the basis of science.  How often do we see those living in villages contract ‘affluence sicknesses’ like high blood lipids, high blood sugar levels, coronary heart disease or gout?

When we become successful and can afford nice food and can pay attention to maintaining good health, who has noticed the following three common crises?

The first crisis is most people’s pursuit of taste with food.  To supply better texture and color, food producers process cereals, destroying and removing the life elements on the surface, leaving only carbohydrates, and neglecting the balance of nutrition.  It is essential to know that 60% of the elements needed for humans to sustain life comes from cereals.  Because these life elements have been destroyed on a large scale, the human body suffers physical decline.  There may be plenty of minor ailments now, or worse the immunity function markedly deteriorates.  According to statistics from the United Nations, 2/3 of the world’s population live in bad health.

The second crisis is going out and socializing too much then eating an unbalanced diet.  With extravagant meals as many people’s enjoyment, eating too much until one is too full leads to too much nutritional intake in the long term.  These excess nutrients collect as waste at the ends of the body’s nerves and in blood vessels, causing various diseases to form slowly.  Serious cases include high blood lipids, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic diseases.  Light cases include being over-weight, catching colds and flus easily, lack of energy, sleepiness, lack of radiance and worsening complexion, as the early bad health symbol.

The third crisis is the lack of adequate rest, exchanging health for wealth.  Many people work hard and expend the time after work in play for psychological compensation.  This leads to an imbalance between time for work and for play, causing health to deteriorate.  When energy level has not been adequately replenished after work, seeking after-work activities (relaxation is a euphemism) accumulates physical exhaustion.  When it becomes a habit when tired, to use the last energies for completing activities, the vigor is spent to sustain physical consumption and slowly the Yin is weakened without realizing.  These people’s complexion are duller than relatively healthy people.  Those with a weak Yin are already weakened in the long term, with deteriorated spleen, stomach and liver functions.  One cannot rely on taking expensive supplements to correct a weak Yin, this would only increase the burden on the spleen and stomach and make one’s health worse.

So how can we improve things for people facing these crises?

vigorHealth elements was developed to solve the above problems.


Part Two: Product Ingredients

Sub-Oleic Acid

Sub-Oleic Acid is eloquently called a ‘street-cleaner of blood’.  Scientific researchers recognized that the sub-oleic acid content found in corn oil is the highest amongst all sources, therefore they chose to extract it from corn oil, yielding near 50% of the material.  Plus, the triglyceride content in corn germ oil reached as high as 93-98%.  The plantation source of corn is also dependable, controllable and sustainable.

The sub-oleic acid, linolenic acid and other unsaturated fatty acid content obtained from germ oil is easily absorbable by the human body (absorption rate of 97% or above), without increasing the burden of organs like the liver or stomach.  The digestion and absorption rate of ingot supplements at the guts is usually above 50%, the rest is passed out of the body.  With reference to the special fat soluble quality of this product, since it reduces the workload of the liver and stomach, and can nourish the organs, relatively the stomach, liver and kidney has room for repair and improvement.

From scientific evidence on double blind group tests on animals and humans, two capsules of this product taken daily has the effects of reductions in lipids and concentration of blood serum TC, and an increase in concentration of HDL-c.  The complexion of users improves and their liver and kidney functions will gradually rise.

It is necessary to understand that Sub-Oleic Acid cannot be synthesized by the body itself and is the most important and essential nutritional material with important physiological functions that must be taken from food.  A lack of Sub-Oleic acid can cause scaly skin, development stagnation, loss of physiological function and typical eye diseases.  The growth of new tissue and repair of damaged tissue both require sub-oleic acid.


This is the world recognized anti-fatigue material extracted from natural rice bran.  It is a naturally existing high-molecular weight alcohol long chain, with a special physiological function, and is a highly effective nutritional supplement.  It has a good biodegradability of natural alcohols, is easily absorbed, and cannot be synthesized by the body itself. No known negative side effect has ever been found by all scientists in the past 50 more years.

Dr. T.K. Cureton from Illinois University of America produced a research conclusion about the effects of Octacosanol, including:

1)          Increase endurance

2)          Improve muscle ability, function; alleviate muscle pain and reduce muscle friction

3)          Shorten muscle-nerve response time and improve reaction sensitivity

4)          Strengthen heart function

5)          Raise basal metabolic rate

6)          Enhanced resistance to altitude sickness

7)          Reduce systolic blood pressure

8)          Improve oxygen delivery and reduce Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Market research shows that the Octacosanol used in this product, like products from other countries that similarly use Octacosanol, has obvious advantages.  This product is derived from Rice Bran, and is purified using advanced technology to 95% purity, with a high-grade production cost.  The Octacosanol found in products from other countries is extracted from ingredients like cane.  The purity of these products is only of medium or low grade and cannot be compared to this product.  Of course, the overall formulation of this product has a unique effect of complementary nourishment and greater efficacy.

Vitamin E

The use of Vitamin E derived from natural plants as an important anti-oxidant is widely acknowledged in the medical world.  It is the backbone component in sweeping the free radicals from inside the body, is the natural inhibitor that resists cell damage and tissue rupture, and has important functions in anti-aging and preventing recession lesions like tumors.  Vitamin E is also called Tocopherol and cannot be synthesized by the body.

The oxidization response of free radicals can cause damage to body cells, tissues and organs.  When free radicals enter the lipid phase, causing chain reactions, Vitamin E can capture free radicals.  Therefore, as a main ingredient in the formulation, natural vitamin E not only can play its part in preventing the damage caused by free radicals, it complements other ingredients of this product for a powerful effect.


Part Three: Notes

Note A: This product is the first in China to apply an Octacosanol base with rich Chinese characteristics in any health product.  During the experiments in the declaration phrase, the State Food and Drug Administration faced an unknown ingredient, and its many efficacies are impressive.  To add strength to the participants’ confidence, the R&D company decided to add a human double blind test to take the next step in proving that the relevant effects can exceed other specialist medicine.  Therefore, this product deserves its patent.

Note B: Special Notice: in experiments during declarations, most benefits are derived from a two capsules daily dosage.  After the product was approved for marketing, because individual users understand that their health is worse than average healthy people, so they increased their initial dosage to eight capsules per day.  According to different observations, there are different benefits to men and women of different physical qualities.  In one to three months, their complexion improved, the green and dark tinge faded, the face radiates a natural glow, and look energetic.  Others went to test their blood lipids and found them lower than before.  Another surprise is that individual tests show that vessel elasticity has improved.  ‘Facts’ are the most scientific proof.

Note C: The test was carried out at the China Doping Control Centre (the Centre that serves the Olympics) because Octacosanol is so very effective at relieving fatigue.  Doing this test convinces everyone.

Note D: ‘Fat solubility’ is the first requirement of our product thought of by our health experts. With the entire formula, this product is suitable for persons of different physiques to use, in theory and in practice.  Fat solubility, unlike pills made of compressed powder, will not cause any health burden to the weak body.

Note E: This toxicity test states that eight capsules a day is far below the safe dosage.  As mentioned, different people can decide whether to increase their dosage according to their own workload and physique.

Note F: This product does not contain other non-listed ingredient (including any Chinese or Western medicinal ingredient, chemical additives, preservatives, or pesticides).  This is the product promise, and independent laboratory tests prove that this product is of the highest quality.

Note G: This product is based on Chinese medical, wellbeing and dietary theories, to bring regulatory benefits.  It provides the most lacked element in modern human bodies.

Note H: This product’s theory originates from The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, and is determined to take from the five cereals the forgotten essential elements, combined to the best formula.  Users can acquire effortless regulation and internal glands nourishment and achieve necessary effects.


Three typical difficult but successful cases that happened in Hong Kong SAR

Case 1: Here with Ceresvita, we have a typical case to cure congenital anaemia. The subject disclosed that she has tried to take both western and Chinese treatment but in vain, but after taking vigorHealth for 3 months (8 capsules daily), the latest blood test reports showed that her blood cells had passed the standard. (Please refer to “ABOUT US” > “CONSUMERS’ FEEDBACKS” for those testing reports). So, how to achieve this miracle effect? Expert explained the theory that, it was all because vigorHealth was able to nourish and adjust her stomach, liver and spleen, thus gradually restored their ability to digest, absorb and finally the proper strength to manufacture blood!

Case 2: A professional of over 60, went for body check after taking vigorHealth for 3 months, found out that the elasticity of his artery had improved so much as a younger.

He looked much younger and more energetic then. All these cannot be achieve by any known medicine or health products.

Case 3: A friend around the age of early thirties, his family doctor said that the blood pressure of his father had reached a dangerous level, and medical subscription was strongly recommended. As they fully aware that the relevant pills (for this treatment) once started can never be stopped, some negative side effect would follow in the long run. After careful consideration, the father decided to try vigorHealth before taking any western medicine. Soon, his blood pressure became steady without getting much higher. As time went on, his blood pressure declined to a healthy level and continue to maintain that way for more than 3 years since then.   



Octacosanol and Vitamin E are jointly effective at the life axles of the pituitary gland, thymus (this point was proved from the control group of rats dissected), and adrenal gland.  They strengthen nerves and immunity, regulate of the internal secretion system, promote cell division and body metabolism, remove free radicals, neutralize toxicity, fights against the early decline of internal organs and reduce the chance of sudden changes in the genetical material of cells.  It nourishes the glands that most medicines and supplements cannot (if not none), to achieve the activation of cell and organ function.  The feedback from users are that they look younger and a complementary replenishment of energy and chi.

Octacosanol and Sub-Oleic Acid can complementarily protect cells, improve body metabolism, promote growth, puberty and tissue repair and nourish the skin and hair.  Through the promotion of body fat decomposition, it can reduce blood thickness, dilute and purify the blood, improve circulation to protect the vessels in the heart and the brain and improve liver function, to achieve a lower risk of diseases in the heart or brain vessels.  It has a complementary result in the body’s chi and blood.

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization have both stated that the most suitable health food product for humans is the five cereals.  Cereals take from the sun, air, soil and water different nutritional elements necessary for life; these life essences are concentrated in specific parts of the cereals, and Chinese traditional health culture pays attention to the five cereals for support. In the world, highly concentrated Octacosanol products are currently mostly used for spacemen and special military forces for its quick effects on replenishing the energy and reducing tiredness.

The product ingredient sources life-supporting Sub-Oleic Acid from super-concentration (100000:1) extraction of corn germ, and extreme high concentration Octacosanol from repeated purification extraction of rice bran.  A product combining three effective ingredients makes up the best formulation for the nutritional elements of the human body.  Long-term intake can fulfill the chi, energy and blood.  Results from the research of Ceresvita marks the new frontier in human health of the 21st Century.