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Our Mission

Most people don't understand their own body, nor do they have the sophisticated medical knowledge. They simply want to have a product with "better than medicine, no toxic side effect, simple, safe and reliable with sickness recovery effects" functions.

With the most advanced extraction methods, Tiangu produces the unprecedented Octacosanol series, to fulfill the above mentioned expectations.

Compositions of Tiangu product comes from green plants, its patented formula enables body health maintenance, also serving specific healing purposes. Nano technology ensures ingredients absorption into body with no burden and great ease. Main functions of our products (1) restore damaged cells; (2) strengthen immunity system; (3)repair damaged organs of the body.

All products have gone through CFDA accredited tests, relevant reports can be viewed on company website by public. We believe that "facts speak louder than words".

We support the concept that maintaining good health should start while you are healthy. "Allocates small investment now would help to prevent serious illness and big spending in future". We should "prevent sickness before it comes".

The publish of our Chinese medical philosophy and product details, all aimed to help consumers to know what they are taking.

「Virtuous achievement come from good health product for more people to benefit over time 」. This is Our Mission.