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Introduction of our company

After years of research by Chongqing Tiangu Biological Technology Company Limited, formal application ofvigorHealth elements to China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) was submitted, sales license was approved on 2004.

The product has gone through stringent testings (as WTO member standards) including Food Safety Evaluation on Toxicology (LD50 standard), and the most scientific Human Double Blind Test for its proven health functions (for details, please click on Testing Reports icon).

On 2005, sales license of the highest grading in PRC was granted to vigorHealth elements (CFDA Approved State Health Number: G20050038). In 2006, Invention Patent ZL 2003 1 0110776.0 was awarded tovigorHealth elements.

Base on the very good feedback of vigorHealth elements after its launch in PRC, Chongqing Tiangu decided to land HK and overseas market in 2011. Distinguished results have won excellence comments both from users and professional experts.

Company reform was held on 2016. Tiangu continues to participate all marketing work in Hong Kong and the outside world.